As a real estate agent, one comes in very close contact with clients becoming almost family for the short time one is involved in the buying or selling of a home, which can be a few months or many. A real estate agent serves as the liaison between a buyer and seller so that they don’t have to become involved with each other which is a good thing in todays world. One becomes party to the finances of the client and to family interactions.  This is a very trusted place to be in.  In my practice, we often help people move and fix up their homes prior to moving. We help them box up their most precious things and often help with the move.  On the buyers side, we are intimate with them in their needs for a home and their ability to buy one. It requires a lot of trust for both parties. We negotiate some of the most important decisions that a people make. I feel able to do this based on my age and my history as a homeowner, small ranch owner, a remodeler and an experienced person in real estate. Without having these qualities and experiences under my belt, I would not feel I could serve my clients well.

I am having a hard time moving, myself and that is why I titled this the “Pain and Joy”.  I decided to move and was so happy to find a new home, but am finding it very hard to leave the last one. I decided that I would not take anything to my new house to clutter it up, but am still left with lots of clothes and other things in the old house. I can’t get my kids on board to take old family heirlooms, or even their old “stuff”. Moving requires revisiting memories and that in itself is hard.  After all the contracts are in place, many emotions must be dealt with- we are so tied to our places and our old lives and there is always the fear of change whether one is buying or selling. I am constantly in contact with people my age and older who are making transitions.  That also puts me in contact with young buyers who give me a new outlook on homeownership. I find that my experience helps them navigate through qualifying for loans, understanding inspections and imagining how they can make a house become a home for them.

The expertise of a real estate professional is much more than showing houses to potential buyers and listing homes on the MLS, negotiating the deal and pushing all the necessary documents through the system in a timely manner, it is a very hands on one; often holding hands, sometimes getting down and dirty to paint, weed, and help with the moving, but mostly making ones clients feel respected and heard and protected in a huge transition.

It is always an honor to be part of this big change that usually comes with a lot of strife and always a joy when it is completed.



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