I think I might make this a regular blog.  I would love honest response.  Anyway, I got the home I put the offer in on a few days ago. I was hooked when I saw photos of it last year with roses blooming under blue shutters.  It reminded me of France. I have traveled a lot and the countryside of France is one of my favorites.  I love impressionism and gardening- am a master gardener and a lame painter.  The seller is happy that I will take care of her roses.  It is so perfect.  I don’t even have to think about remodeling, except maybe changing a doorway…anyway it is so perfect in how I want to live my life in the future.  My kids don’t really understand, because I have always had and wanted a bigger property, but I am looking forward to a simpler life and a place I can manage without too much overhead.  I hope to cut my expenses of the big property and be able to work out at the gym instead of pulling weeds.  I can still walk my dogs in an area I know and still shop in the places I know.  I can still plant a small garden, not over grown by cottonwoods and I will sneak my two chickens in for now- don’t tell anyone.

Anyway, moving is “the pits”.  I am surrounded by so much stuff and so many memories. I can hardly sleep. I have been going through boxes.  Just ran across a notebook of cards from probably forty years ago.  I don’t know how they have survived other moves; I don’t even know who some of these people are who wrote the holiday greetings.  Looks like they are from Texas; lived there in the sixties….Sixth grade stories of what one got for Christmas and who won the football game. “Snoopy” was a common theme.  And “best friends” and “please write”.  Maybe, I should keep them as a history of life back then or maybe I should just throw them out because I have to get rid of stuff.  I think I will read a bit more- maybe someone wrote me a “love note”!  That would be fun.  If I was a story writer, I would save all these letters because they give a picture of what it was like growing up in the sixties and seventies. I think, I cannot throw away these letters. Maybe I will  become famous and someone will want these letters to draw from when writing my biography! Another reason to save things….just a joke of course.

Besides that there are files full of drawings, paintings and awards done and received by my children. The old clay pottery and plates made by the kids and given for birthdays and Mother’s Day seem too hard to part with.  There are boxes full of old Christmas lights that haven’t worked for years and skis and camping gear now so outdated that no one wants them and I certainly don’t use.

Hope you find this entertaining….

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