It’s close, accessible and has plenty of snow.  Break out the snowshoes, cross country skis, dogs, and get some fresh air! Snow, fun and exercise close to home and at no expense.  After weeks of storms and cloudy skies, I was dying for fresh snow and sunshine, but didn’t have a full day to devote. I live in south Reno, so a trip up Mt. Rose Hwy. to Galena Creek Park takes about ten minutes.  I packed the dogs up and headed for a lunchtime excursion.  Both entrances are open and plowed (no chains or 4 wheel drive necessary at this time) as are a couple of parking lots and I chose to park in front of the closed picnic area near the visitor’s center.  The picnic area, now under about two feet of snow served as a romping place for the two dogs and I could imagine it a great place to start little kiddos off on skis or snowshoes for the first time.  We made our way through pretty deep snow into the woods and came across a packed trail with a sign showing it was the Jones Creek trail- we were obviously not forging new territory. We saw a few other hiker’s and snowshoers, but it was not crowded on Friday.

A few tips if you go –  park in a parking lot or well off to the side of the road (road is slippery even though it is accessible without 4 wheel drive,) Don’t forget to take water for yourself and dogs! Bring a leash to have on hand for your dog, remember that little dogs might have trouble negotiating deep snow (I had to carry my Shih Tzu part of the way) and if you are going to put your dogs in the back seat invest in a waterproof seat cover.


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