This website reflects my belief that the most important choice in finding the right property is one’s desired LIFESTYLE.  This site features a standard MLS search tool, like many real estate websites…but we have a different approach to providing our users with access to properties listed in Northern Nevada. Our lifestyle properties section is a curated and current list designed to encompass the many unique areas of Northern Nevada and the opportunities they provide.  “Home Is Where The Heart Is” – this simple phrase describes the inner “guiding light” that makes one drawn to certain areas for reasons that are unique to each home buyer.  More segments, options and functionality will be added as we find ways to make them work, and we are always open to suggestions. It has been a great creative challenge for myself and my webmaster to craft this site and I hope it gives you insight into my knowledge of Northern Nevada and all that it has to offer. Thank you for visiting nnvproperties.com!




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